Classified above top secret

We are Sector 7, the research division from Computest. Located on the top floor of Computest HQ, we conduct complex cyber security research. This work is fueled by our mission to make the world a more secure place/a safer place. As cyber crime becomes more advanced, and its profitability grows we do not want to sit idly by. As the good guys, we want to always be one step ahead of the bad guys when it comes to undiscovered vulnerabilities and the latest techniques.

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Sector 7 started out as the Chaos Lab at Computest. Besides working on security assignments such as pentesting and vulnerability assessments for our customers, here we developed new services and products and worked on projects that benefit society in the field of security and performance. The research in the Chaos Lab also contributed to innovation within Computest, and ensured that employees also develop outside of their daily work by getting involved in projects they have a special interest in.

In 2020 we decided that our ambitions were bigger than working on Chaos Lab projects parttime, and that if we wanted to stay ahead of the game we needed to fully commit time and resources to security research. Therefore/hence, Sector 7 was launched. A space large enough to include four work stations, all the tools & technology needed for advanced research projects, and two dedicated, fulltime senior security specialists/researchers/hackers with a proven track record in top level cyber security.

Projects & Contact

All of our published research projects can be found on this site. We are always working on new research, which will be published here when possible.

If you would like to contact us, you can find our contact details on our contact page. For example if you have an intresting research proposol for us, or if you would like to find out if we would be available to give a presentation at your security conference event. For tours or visiting we are open for students or fellow researchers.