April 5, 2024

Bringing process injection into view(s): exploiting all macOS apps using nib files

In a previous blog post we described a process injection vulnerability affecting all AppKit-based macOS applications. This research was presented at Black Hat USA 2022, DEF CON 30 and Objective by the Sea v5. This vulnerability was actually the second universal process injection vulnerability we reported to Apple, but it was fixed earlier than the first. Because it shared some parts of the exploit chain with the first one, there were a few steps we had to skip in the earlier post and the presentations.

July 4, 2019

Spring Security - insufficient cryptographic randomness

The `SecureRandomFactoryBean` class in Spring Security by Pivotal has a vulnerability in certain versions that could lead to the generation of predictable random values when a custom seed is supplied. This vulnerability could lead to predictable keys or tokens in applications that depend on cryptographically-secure randomness. Applications that use this class may need to evaluate if any predictable tokens were generated that should be revoked.