April 5, 2023

Technical analysis of the Genesis Market

For the last couple of weeks we’ve assisted the Dutch police in investigating the Genesis Market. In case you are unfamiliar with this market, it was used to sell stolen login credentials, browser cookies and online fingerprints (in order to prevent ‘risky sign-in’ detections), by some referred to as IMPaas, or Impersonation-as-a-Service. The market seemed to have started in 2018 and its activities have resulted in approximately two million victims. If you want to know more about this operation, you can read our other blog post.

November 10, 2016

Observium - unauthenticated remote code execution

During a recent penetration test we found and exploited various issues in Observium, a popular networking monitoring platform. The vulnerabilities lead us from unauthenticated user to full shell access as root.

August 18, 2016

cSRP/srpforjava - obtaining of hashed passwords

In this blog we’ll look at an interesting vulnerability in some implementations of a widely used authentication protocol; Secure Remote Password (SRP). We’ll dive into the cryptography details to see what implications a little mathematical oversight has for the security of the whole protocol.

June 30, 2016

StartEncrypt - obtaining valid SSL certificates for unauthorized domains

Recently, we found a critical vulnerability in StartCom’s new StartEncrypt tool, that allows an attacker to gain valid SSL certificates for domains he does not control. While there are some restrictions on what domains the attack can be applied to, domains where the attack will work include google.com, facebook.com, live.com, dropbox.com and others.